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#ifndef _UNPALETTE_H_
#define _UNPALETTE_H_

/* $Id: unpalette.h,v 1.3 2004/09/28 06:58:53 donn Exp $ */

struct image;

/* Converts an image from some palette into rgb24 format.
 * The image struct contains width and height of the image,
 * as well as a large enough output buffer.
typedef void unpalettizer(struct image *, unsigned char *);

/* Array of all known palettes and their conversion routines */
00015 struct palette
      int val;
      unpalettizer *routine;
      double bpp; /* bytes per pixel, can be something like 1.5, in which case
                   * the number of input bytes must be a multiple of 2. */
      int depth;
      char *name;
extern struct palette palettes[];

/* TODO: make this extensible with plugins? */


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