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ImageCanvas Class Reference

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Detailed Description

mike morrison

Definition at line 18 of file ImageCanvas.java.

Public Member Functions

void couldNotConnect ()
Frame createAbout ()
Frame createChat ()
PopupMenu createMenu ()
MouseListener createMouseListener ()
void disconnect ()
double getFPS ()
String getHost ()
int getPort ()
Dimension getPreferredSize ()
 ImageCanvas (Applet applet, String host, int port, int fps, int width, int height)
void paint (Graphics g)
void setConnected (int connected)
int setImage (Image img)
void setImageSize (Dimension size)
void setMainWindow (Frame f)
void setStartStopText (String text)
void update (Graphics g)
void wait (int n)

Static Package Attributes

static final int CONNECTED = 0
static final int DISCONNECTED = 1
static final int STOPPED = 2

Private Attributes

Frame about
Applet applet
final String cannotConnectImageFilename = "error.jpg"
Frame chat = null
int connected = STOPPED
final String connectingImageFilename = "init.jpg"
Image currentImage
ImageDownloader downloader
boolean first_image = true
double fps
String host
TextField input
Frame mainWindow = null
TextField name = new TextField("name", 10)
Graphics offGraphics
Image offImage
TextArea output
PopupMenu popup
int port
Dimension preferredSize
MenuItem startStop
ImageCanvas thisImageCanvas

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